Facebook Advertising: You're Doing it Wrong

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The folks at Pandemic Labs have done the research, and it's not pretty. Brands are, quite simply, using Facebook incorrectly. Posting on the Pandemic Labs blog, Matt Peters stated Pandemic is using a tool they call "Watchtower," to gather up info on what engages people on Facebook. Their research has found that what brands do on Facebook is the opposite of what they should be doing. Status updates and links are not enough to get the job done.

As you can see in this handy infographic made by Pandemic, people on Facebook react the most to, and share more, photos and video instead of the text updates and links brands provide most often. This study was obviously done before Facebook's "Offers" program was widely available, so it is unknown how effective these Facebook coupons might be at engaging an audience on the site. If videos really are ten times as likely to be shared than links and photos are five times more "popular" than links, the answer for brands struggling to advertise on Facebook seems simple. Take your hands off the keyboard and pick up a camera.

Pandemic Labs Facebook Brand Ads Infographic

(via Pandemic Labs)

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