Facebook Ads: When Do We View Them?

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TBG Digital has released the results of a new study on Facebook ads and when they are actually being viewed. TBG is an organization focused on marketing and ad campaigns and are committed to helping make client's campaigns successful. Their latest efforts to examine Facebook ads and when they will most likely be viewed provides great insight into where dollars should be spent and how critical timing is.

To understand their study you have to understand ad clickthrough rates (CTR) or how often users follow through with exploring the ads. Obviously the ads are present at different times, but what TBG wanted to know is when do people actually pay attention and interact with ads the most. In other words, they want to know when prime time is. Prime CTR equals high dollar ad space, but also high ROI for the right marketing campaigns.

Take a look at TBG's graph:

Clickthrough rate, Facebook ads,

As you can see from the graph, people spend more time exploring ads on Friday and Saturdays. Presumably people may be at work or otherwise committed when checking their Facebook pages on other days. This leaves less time to explore their product interests and only a small amount of time for engaging in social networking. Therefor days with more free time lend to more exploration.

Wednesday and Sunday are the next best days, as they are typically associated with a slump or lazy day, aka time for roaming and exploration. TBG suggest that those wanting to get the most out of their ad campaigns strategically shift efforts to these days.

Like any good piece of research it seems like common sense after the fact, but not all products are best served by adhering to this trend. Every product has variables surrounding their demand. If your interested in maximizing your advertising budget, you should consult a professional.

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