Facebook Adds Trending Videos to News Feeds

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It was reported last month that Facebook had been testing out "trending articles" in its news feeds, which embeds content from social reader apps amongst status updates and likes. Facebook has been retooling all sorts of aspects of its platform, surrounding its botched IPO, especially since so much speculation exists regarding how the social network will handle its ad content. Even though the platform has over 900 million users, there is evidence that ad content doesn't really generate results on Facebook, and might only get worse as more users access the site via mobile.

Now Facebook has rolled out a new "trending video" feature for news feeds, based on what friends are watching, via video apps connected to Facebook's Open Graph. Below is a screen shot of the slideshow interface, for desktop and mobile:

facebook ad

A problem with Facebook ads, especially for mobile, is that they're plainly hard to see. The social network has been trying to figure out ways to better saturate its page with this sort of content - and while this trending video feature pertains to entertainment, it's just another way for Facebook to recycle content that might've been missed. And Facebook sponsored video ads can be added into the slideshows. Time what tell what actually happens with Facebook, and some investors are actually suing people over the uneven IPO.