Facebook Adds Search Results Tab To App Insights

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Over the past few months, Facebook has added a number of metrics to App Insights. It's invaluable data that allows developers to analyze where traffic is coming from, and where they can capitalize on said traffic. Now Facebook is adding a new metric that may prove very important as Graph Search gets into the hands of more people.

Facebook announced that it's adding a Search Results tab to App Insights. In essence, this new metric will tell developers how many people found their app through the search bar. The metrics will tell developers how many clicks were organic and paid. It will also tell you if a user clicked on the app from the search bar, and whether or not they found your app via Graph Search. Insights doesn't cover clicks from mobile of the search results page yet.

Another change coming to the Facebook platform is an extension of Realtime Updates for the Graph API to include Page posts. Facebook says this change will automatically notify you of any comments or posts on a Page without having to constantly poll said Page. You can read more about it in the documentation.

The final change this week is an update to Facebook's Platform policies. The new change comes from the branding section, and requires all "app descriptions, display names and icons adhere to [Facebook's] Advertising Guidelines." You can read more about that here.

Facebook says it received 241 bug reports this week, and 38 were accepted for further review. The social network also fixed 30 bugs over the past week. You can see the full list at the weekly blog post.