Facebook Adds New Analytics Tool for Brands


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Facebook stock, as of now, sits at $33.03, and some speculate that there truly is no limit on how low it can go. One of several factors that might’ve contributed to the sensational IPO’s less than stellar performance is a possible fear regarding the company’s future, especially since the mobile version of the site, which more and more users are accessing, offers even less ad content than the desktop version. Some have even speculated that Facebook was aware of this, and may have issued a reduced earnings guidance on the eve of its IPO, which is a company’s forecast of how good business will be in the future. Either way, Facebook stock has essentially tanked, and the social network is scrambling to figure out how to make more money from ads, especially after GM discontinuing their campaign with the company, which made headlines.

Yesterday, the social network made a change which allowed advertisers to bypass Facebook sales reps while purchasing ads - Facebook home page and news feed ad space can directly be set up through Ads API and Power Editor tools, without having to consult with a Facebook ad representative. The platform continues to roll out new features related to ad content sans any official announcements, most recently adding a tab that displays the percentage of brand page fans who were reached as well as 'liked' posts. Here are some screen grabs of these new feature:

fb ads

fb ads

Page owners now have an extra analytical tool to get a better handle on how well their brand is doing on the social network. Facebook told Mashable that the new feature is available for the old-style pages, as well as the newer timelines, but adds that “we are slowly rolling this back to Page owners with a slightly updated design.” It can be assumed that the "updated design" is the timeline, which seems to be slowly be taking over the entire site.