Facebook Adds Action Links To Open Graph Stories

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Open Graph is the horse that refuses to be beaten down. Facebook keeps on adding more updates to Open Graph and the Timeline apps to make them more valuable to developers that use them.

Facebook is making Open Graph even more powerful today with action links. Action links are an additional Open Graph action that can be added to a Timeline app beside the usual Like and Comment actions.

Facebook provides two examples that are already being used that illustrate how Action Links will work out in the wild. The first comes from Foursquare, the social networking site that's all about sharing where you go. If a person goes to a coffee shop and share that information via Timeline, an action link that says, "Save This Place" will appear underneath the entry. A friend can click on that to directly save that place to their to-do list on Foursquare.

Facebook Action Links Open Graph

The other example comes from Fab.com, which we've covered before. It has expanded its use of Facebook to include an action link that says, "Fave This Product." It will do as the link says and save that product to the Fab user's favorites list without ever leaving Facebook.

Facebook Action Links Open Graph

Facebook says that action links can tie any one action to another, and are part of any Open Graph story. Developers only need designate the action link for any defined action and it will appear throughout Facebook all over your Timeline app.

This is a pretty powerful tool and in the right hand could really drive adoption of mobile apps even more. Facebook has constantly touted the power of Open Graph and Timeline in terms of app adoption, and action links seems to be the next logical step.

To get started on building your timeline app with action links, check out the documentation. All I ask is that somebody builds an action link for Foodspotting so that I can add dishes to my Want list from Facebook.

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