Facebook Adds 25% More Shares for IPO

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Just announced this mourning, Facebook is offering 25% more shares for their upcoming initial public offering. As we reported earlier this week, the IPO was sold out by Monday, and all the shares were spoken for. In fact, last Friday investors were already looking for more. Yesterday, Facebook and their underwriters decided they would add 50.6 million more shares and adjust the targeted price range from $28 to $34, to $34 to $38.

Now, with 25% more shares available, the IPO could raise an additional $3 billion. This would bring the grand total of the IPO to $16 billion with a total of 421.2 million shares on the market. So it is safe to say they won't be hurting for money after this one. Pooling all the shares available from every employee and including those held for future employee equity grants brings the total company value to $106 billion.

However, if you exclude the 2.1 billion shares that remain outstanding after their IPO, according to their SEC filing, the company would be valued at $81.2 billion. Keep in mind though, the IPO doesn't officially start until Friday. The price will be set tomorrow and trading will be on the Nasdaq stock market under the ticker symbol "FB".

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