Facebook Adding Friends And Locations To Apps

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Facebook is consistently updating their API to let app developers add all the great stuff about Facebook into their own apps. With this new update, I can not only tell people what I ate, but I can also tell them where I ate at and with whom I ate with.

Yesterday on the Facebook developers blog, the company announced the ability for app developers to implement friend tagging and location tags to Facebook updates made through apps. It's the same as if you were updating your status, now it's just through apps as well.

Facebook Friends Locations Apps

To get into the nitty gritty of it all, the new features are:

Setting location on posts — with Open Graph actions and objects or with stream publish stories
Tag friends on posts — with Open Graph actions or with stream publish stories
Improved search for places — including optional latitude, longitude, and distance parameters as well as support for finding posts from friends around a place
Read posts with location — using the FQL table location_post

Controlling tags on apps is the same as it is on Facebook. Users can select who they want to share their activity with through the apps.

As an added bonus, Facebook now lets developers who create photo or video apps access Open Graph. This allows users to display large user generated photos and videos on their timeline.

For the specific code that developers need to use in their apps to enable these features, check out the blog post for all the details.