Face-Book Portrait of Zuckerberg - Get it?

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This little creation took 36 Game of Thrones books and over a week to create. The artist is "Red" Hong Yi, a Malaysian artist and achetect, and she really knows how to make a good pun. She says she used Game of Thrones for this piece because it was the thickest book she could find. That makes since -- and that's why i choose to watch the HBO version.

The artists blog, "oh i see red!"

What inspired me?
I was in the States last month for the EG Conference and wanted to do a portrait of an iconic American...I decided on Mark Zuckerberg and I thought I'd use BOOKS for his portrait, to play around with the words, 'face book'! LOL. was that PUNNY or what?!

ps: I used 36 Game of Thrones books because they were the thickest I could find. And by slicing off just the sides, the books can still be read...no words were cut off, I made sure of that. I am also giving them away to friends, so each book that is given away is personalised and unique.

As you can see from this diagram, the shading is created by varying levels in the depth of the cut. the further she cuts into the edge of the book, the darker that area becomes. She combines this technique with the number of pages she cuts in each pass to create varying levels of light and dark. Pretty cool.

And the impressive part is the books are still functional. The cuts are not deep enough to cut off any words, so they can still be read.

[h/t: BuzzFeed]

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