Fab.com Makes Gift-Buying for Facebook Friends a Lot Easier

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Fab.com, the online purveyor of designer house wares and slick nerd paraphernalia, has enhanced the social shopping experience again, this time by allowing you to link directly to your fellow Facebook friends who shop on the site. The latest launch, Fab 3.0, introduces further Facebook integration as well as generally making it easier for you to find the necessary accoutrements to turn your home into a benign, Kubrick-approved domicile.

The most prominent feature to launch is, as mentioned, the updates to the live feed. If you've got that friend who's notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, you can relieve yourself of that burden now by filtering your feed to only display what your Facebook friends are sharing, faving, and, of course, buying. Of course, your friends will also need to be Fab members (and it's a foregone conclusion that everybody's on Facebook these days, right?), but once you install the Facebook app for Fab you'll be able to easily invite them to join the site so they can begin sharing their favorite items with you.

If you're not bowled over by your Facebook friend's taste in style, another new feature allows you to see what's trending at that moment on the site. More, if the popular tastes of the people still don't do it for you, you can fall back on the old Emersonian tenet of self-reliance and simply filter the live feed based on what category you're particularly interested in browsing. From any of these options, you can scope out the prices of items and even purchase them directly from the feed.

Fab.com Filter Live Feed

Other updates include a new Smile page which, delightfully enough, exists to hopefully pull a warm grin across your face. The Smile pages also includes some general information about the site, such as an FAQ, customer support services, how to sell your snazzy products, and links to a few related blogs.

And speaking of blogs, included in the post announcing Fab 3.0, Fab.com founder and CEO Jason Goldberg shared this tidbit:

Oh, and sorry Google Plus, but you’ve been replaced with Pinterest on Fab. Fab was already getting 2% of our daily visits from Pinterest. Now we’re embracing Pinterest in a big way. Fab members can easily Pin any product they see on Fab. We’ve also adding Pinning activities to the Fab Live Feed.

Biz-zurn on Google. Although it does seem like a natural alignment that Pinterest users would take quickly and kindly to Fab given the user-interface is somewhat familiar. Nevertheless, how peculiar that it was an either/or situation and Pinterest simply wasn't added in addition to the other sharing features. Maybe Fab.com just wasn't getting any Google+ traffic.