FAA Declares the Super Bowl a 'No Drone Zone' in Odd PSA

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The Federal Aviation Administration would like you to please refrain from flying your unmanned aircraft over the Super Bowl.

"Many familiar sounds are associated with the Super Bowl: Cheering fans. Referee whistles. The spectacular halftime show. Booming fireworks. But one sound you shouldn’t hear is the whirring of an unmanned aircraft overhead. The Super Bowl is strictly a 'No Drone Zone,'" says the FAA.

Of course, "No Drone Zone" is so catchy that the FAA felt compelled to produce a 15-second PSA.

According to the FAA, flying drones over any NFL game is against the law. The "no drone zone" also applies to most college stadiums and MLB fields. Violators face both criminal and civil penalties.

I guess it's for the best. We all know what happens when people get drunk and try to fly drones. Plus, you don't want Rand Paul shooting your brand new drone out of the sky.

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