Exploding Kittens Breaks Records For Crowdfunding

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Exploding Kittens closed down their crowdfunding site on Kickstarter Thursday.

The old-school card game began their month long crowdfunding drive with a goal of $10,000 to produce 500 card decks.

However, the premise of Exploding Kittens was so incredibly popular that they reached their $10,000 goal in the very first hour.

When Exploding Kittens closed down their site on Thursday, they were officially the highest funded game on Kickstarter in history.

The game also ended as the third highest funded project ever behind Coolest Cooler and Pebble Watch.

Exploding Kittens ended with $8.7 million from 219,832 backers.

Exploding Kittens is a complete anomaly in the games section of Kickstarter.

Luke Crane, community manager for games at Kickstarter, said, “Until Exploding Kittens came along, we hadn’t seen the Internet at large descend on a project and embrace it at this crazy scale.”

On Kickstarter, donors receive awards for donating to the projects. In the case of Exploding Kittens, that award was a deck of the cards for a $20 donation.

If it was more than $20, donors were awarded with upgraded decks or x-rated decks.

Now that the funding is in, it is up to the talented designers, Elan Lee, former chief design officer for Xbox Entertainment Studios, Matthew Inman, creator of The Oatmeal, and Shane Small, an Xbox and Marvel game designer, to make it all happen.

That will be no easy task for the Exploding Kittens team, but Elan Lee said on a Reddit AMA that their donors are their top priority.

“We made a promise to more than 200 thousand people to ship them this game,” Lee wrote.

He added, “That’s our highest priority right now.”

Those who gave money should be getting their Exploding Kittens decks in July.

What do you think about the premise behind Exploding Kittens?

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