Experian Hitwise Launches AudienceView


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Experian Hitwise, the online measurement service from Experian Marketing Services, has announced the launch of AudienceView, a new audience targeting service that provides retailers with a comprehensive view of demographic, psychographic, transactional and behavioral insights on their target consumers or advertising audiences.

Using AudienceView, retailers can track and trend the online behavior of existing and potential consumers to better optimize online media planning and target their messages to reach and retain the most profitable and relevant segments. AudienceView combines anonymous data from the Hitwise online sample of 10 million users in the United States with the offline Experian Marketing Services ConsumerView database, which provides insights from 235 million U.S. consumers and 113 million households, with more than 1,000 different behavioral attributes.

"In an age when retailers are pitching messages to universal audiences utilizing every conceivable channel to see what sticks, marketers continue to be challenged in reaching customers who are no longer defined by the standard demographics of the past," said Simon Bradstock, general manager and SVP of Experian Hitwise. "Retailers need to engage and make meaningful connections with customers to increase the lifetime value of the relationship. AudienceView solves this problem by providing deep and actionable insights and targeting on consumer segments defined by both online behavioral and offline lifestyle data. The result is increased revenue and deeper engagement with the brand."

For example, when it comes to holiday retail planning, AudienceView can help retailers identify two distinct segments among toy buyers: parents versus nonparents. Parents buy toys year-round, while nonparents typically buy toys in November and December. AudienceView enables retailers to adjust media buys, messages and offers to target the two distinct groups, increasing marketing effectiveness and revenues.

AudienceView can help deliver insight on online behaviors of a retailer's customers by matching them to the Hitwise online consumer data sample. This helps retailers get a complete picture of their current customers and find more of them online. They can get a two-year historical view of how segments of their current customers' behavior have evolved and differ between groups.

AudienceView can help publishers and ad networks prove value of the target audience to advertisers. It can also help agencies and advertisers have a clear measure of how effective their campaigns were in delivering lift to site visitations, search and conversions.