Expect To See Windows 8 Hit Shelves In October

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One of the more pressing mysteries surrounding the Windows 8 launch was when it was going to become available. Microsoft said it would be out in the fall, but nobody knew if that meant October or November. Microsoft confirmed today that the operating system will launch to consumers in October.

Speaking today at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference, Corporate VP and CFO Tami Reller announced that Windows 8 would indeed launch in October. She didn't give us an exact date, but you can expect to get your Metro on in just a few more months.

If you are a device manufacturer, your wait ends next month. Microsoft also announced that they would be shipping Windows 8 to their OEM partners in August. They're going to need the lead to keep up with Microsoft's own Surface tablet. After being kept in the dark in regards to the announcement, many OEMs are undoubtedly going to try to beat Microsoft at their own game.

If you are a licensed owner of Windows XP, Vista or 7; Microsoft will be selling a digital download of Windows 8 for $40 once it launches in October. It's a pretty sweet deal for those who want to upgrade to the newest operating system. If you must have a retail copy with the disc and all the documentation, that will cost $70.

If you want to try out Windows 8, the release preview is still available. I suggest trying it out before deciding on whether or not you want to switch up your Windows experience for good. The Windows experience is forever changing with Windows 8 so be sure you're ready for the change.

[h/t: Engadget]

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