Expect To Pay A Lot For Google Glass Accessories

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Consumer electronic accessories are typically some of the most overpriced products you will ever buy. Want to protect your new Galaxy S 4? That rubber bumper cover will cost you $50. Want to use a controller with your tablet? That will be another $60. We've come to expect this sort of thing with smartphones and tablets, and it looks like we can continue to expect it in the era of wearable computing as well.

Marketing Land reports that Google is about to open an accessory shop for Google Glass Explorers. As you might expect, all of the items on sale are expensive.

So, what kind of accessories can Google Glass owners look forward to? Here's an image of the shop site, courtesy of Marketing Land:

Expect To Pay A Lot For Google Glass Accessories

As you can see, Google is mostly selling replacements at this point. The mono earbud, cable and charger, and pouch all come with the new Glass redesign that Google showed off yesterday. You'd better not lose them either as all three cost $50 to replace.

As for the other accessory, Google calls it the Clear Shield. In short, it's a visor for Google Glass that protects both your eyes from incoming objects. It could also be a precursor to the prescription lenses that Google promises to sell alongside Glass to consumers. Amazingly, the presumably plastic visor will sell for $75. Google notes that a sunglass shade will be available as well and that every Glass will ship with it.

So, when can you get your hands on these accessories? Well, you can't unless you're a Google Glass Explorer. The store will apparently open in the coming days to those lucky enough to own a pair and will be exclusive to them until Google ships these things out to consumers. If you happen to own a pair, however, you can access the accessory store here when it goes live.

[Image: Google Glass/Google+]

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