Ex-Groupon CEO Andrew Mason's Motivational Business Album Drops July 2nd

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We're happy to tell you that ex-Groupon CEO Andrew Mason has announced an official release date for this 7-track album of motivational business music. Hardly Workin' officially drops on July 2nd, "just in time for American audiences to incorporate into Fourth of July festivities," says Mason.

It will be available to stream on Spotify and available for purchase on iTunes as well. The album was supposed to debut by the end of June, but I guess it got caught up just a little bit. Here's the cover art:

And here's the track list:

  1. Look No Further
  2.  The Way to Work
  3.  My Door is Always Open
  4.  Risin' Above the Pack
  5.  K.I.S.S.
  6.  Stretch
  7.  It's Up to Us

We're guessing "K.I.S.S." must have something to do with "Keep It Simple, Stupid."

"I spent a week in LA earlier this month recording Hardly Workin’, a seven song album of motivational business music targeted at people newly entering the workforce. These songs will help young people understand some of the ideas that I’ve found to be a key part of becoming a productive and effective employee. I’m really happy with the results and look forward to sharing them," said Mason when he first announced the album.

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