Everyone Must Get a Selfie with This Gold Van Double Parked at a Walmart

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In Maricopa, Arizona, there's a new local celebrity.

It's not a person, but an old, gold van that's terribly parked in the local Walmart parking lot. For some reason, the golden Oldsmobile Silhouette is the must-selfie location of the year.

There's even a 500+ member Facebook group devoted to discussing and posting selfies with the van.

"This group was made for the infamous 'Gold Van' parked at our local Wal-mart. This van has been double parked, in the same prime parking spots for about two weeks now. There has been multiple facebook posts made on various Maricopa facebook pages in regards to this van. Since this van is so 'locally famous' now, of course we HAVE to get a selfie with it!!!" says the group's description.

According to AZ Central, the van was recently abandoned in the Walmart parking lot near State Route 238 and Porter Road. Since then, it's become a thing for resident of Maricopa to go take selfies with it. Nobody knows to whom it belongs, or how long it'll stay double parked at Walmart.

As it stands, there are hundreds of selfies with the van. Small town America is truly incredible.

Image via Walmarts Golden Van Selfie, Facebook

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