Evelyn Lozada Pressing Charges, Chad Johnson Fans Call Bulls**t

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Evelyn Lozada says she wants to press charges against her husband, Miami Dolphins receiver Chad Johnson, for domestic abuse. Johnson was arrested on Saturday night after the couple had a fight which escalated, ending in a headbutt that left a laceration on Lozada's face; however, not everyone thinks he's guilty.

Lozada says the fight began when she found a receipt in Johnson's car for condoms, which Johnson agrees with. But their stories differ when it comes to who got physical first; she claims he initiated it, while he insists she headbutted him. She says he yelled "I don't give a (expletive)! I don't give a (expletive) about my career!", which has some fans thinking perhaps Lozada is up to her reality-show antics rather than being entirely truthful.

"You know what I think almost proves she's a lying psychopath? The fact that she claimed he said 'I dont give a *expletive* about my career!'. If you ask me, that just seems too convenient that he actually said that. She may have caught him cheating, which is one thing, but he, in my educated opinion, DID NOT hit her. She's a psycho who is trying to ruin his career after catching him cheating," fan Justin Embree posted on an NFL forum.

Poster Rodney Journey agrees. "The public has seen how crazy she is on TV. Had C. Johnson been in trouble with the law since college? Over a decade of no incidents? Who are you going to believe? A crazy temper tantrum chica or a legit dude with no previous troubles? Nuff said," he wrote.

Lozada is known for her appearance on "Basketball Wives", and for a feud with co-star Tami over an indiscretion with Tami's ex-husband.

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