Eva Mendes Talks Sweatpants, Shares 'Tip' for Avoiding Divorce

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Eva Mendes has a helpful hint for all married couples--or for all who hope to one day become married. It's not something you can do--but rather something you shouldn't do instead.

"You can't do sweatpants...ladies, No. 1 cause of divorce in America, sweatpants, no!" she said during a recent interview with Extra!.

Do you suppose she employed this method to snag Ryan Gosling as her boyfriend and baby daddy? If that's the case, women everywhere are likely tossing their sweatpants, or donating them in mass quantities to thrift shops in their communities.

Eva Mendes probably doesn't have anything against sweats. She likely believes women sometimes don't pay enough attention to their appearances. And sometimes when women don't keep themselves up, they start thinking a little less of themselves. While that certainly doesn't ring true for everyone, it definitely rates high on the list Eva Mendes calculates in her mind. Do you think she even owns a pair of sweatpants?

She does.

And a little later on, when Eva Mendes posted a picture of her favorite sweats on Instagram, she changed her tune about them. She now says orange Crocs are the #1 cause of divorce instead.

"Dear favorite pair of sweatpants. I was just kidding when I said you're the #1 cause of divorce. Everyone knows that orange crocs are the #1 cause of divorce. Either way it was a bad joke and feel terrible if you or anyone thought I was serious. Thanks for understanding sweatpants. Sorry orange crocs," she captioned the photo.

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Eva Mendes actually caught a lot of flack for her comment about sweatpants, prompting Ryan Gosling to come to her defense.

Did people really think Eva Mendes was serious when she shared this tip for avoiding a divorce?

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