Eva Mendes Joins Instagram, Talks Therapy

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Eva Mendes finally joined Instagram on Thursday!

As the gorgeous and fashion forward 41-year-old actress and mother of Ryan Gosling's baby, we're hoping Eva Mendes will fill her page with pictures.

I mean who wouldn't want to look at an Instagram full of great clothes, Ryan Gosling, and their cute baby girl, Esmeralda?

Eva Mendes kicked off her Instagram by posting an adorable childhood picture of herself.

She captioned it, "Taking to Instagram to keep you posted on my clothing line for @nyandcompany and CIRCA Beauty (@realcircabeauty), a cosmetics line I have coming out at Walgreens. I thought this picture might be a good way to start. 38 years later and still holding strong on the head wrap comeback. x"

Eva Mendes may need therapy once she's exposed to the nasty internet trolls who will undoubtedly tell her she's ugly and worthless, but she's covered.

Eva Mendes already has regular therapy sessions.

In the April issue of Women's Health, Eva Mendes said, “Having [a therapist] who’s totally objective and who points out my patterns — I find that really helpful.”

Eva Mendes doesn't just lie on the couch and chatter, either. She said, “I’m lucky to work with someone who doesn’t just sit there and nod her head, you know? I need to hear what you think. Tell me what’s wrong with me so I can fix it.”

That would be helpful for a lot of people, especially those like Eva Mendes, who are in the spotlight on a regular basis.

What do you think about Eva Mendes' new Instagram account?

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