Eva Longoria In Tears At Election Results

Amanda CrumLife

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Eva Longoria said she was so excited when the election results were announced last night that she was moved to tears, saying America proved it didn't have a price.

“I was moved to tears and I was so excited because we did work very hard for the campaign,” Longoria said. “But at the same time, it just showed that the middle class won and the super PACs didn’t get to buy the election, they didn’t get to buy America...It was a huge night for a lot of people. For women …A huge night for the LGBT [community] that showed up for the president. And of course it was a huge night for Latinos, and I was very happy to be a part of that.”

Longoria served as President Obama's campaign co-chair and has been commended by the Commander-In-Chief for her efforts on his behalf, using her leverage in Hollywood to garner votes. But, she says, that's not what it was about.

"I didn't do this as a celebrity. None of us did. We were doing it because we care deeply about this country," she said.

Amanda Crum
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