Eva Longoria: 'Desperate Housewives' Star in Love, Enjoying Life

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Eva Longoria is at a very happy point in her life. The Desperate Housewives star is in love and has embraced a new career option, too. The joy from her relationship with Jose Antonio Baston is palpable.

"I'm just in a happy place in my life that it's easy to be open and in love because I am in a complete place in my life," she said during a recent interview with People magazine.

It was at the launch of the Eva Longoria Home Collection for J.C. Penney that the actress shared her excitement.

"Whether it's personally, career, new projects, going back to television, there's just so much happiness and joy in my life and I think you know that transmits to everything," she said.

Eva Longoria and Jose Antonio Baston have been together since 2013. He is a Mexican businessman, but she refers to him as a "frustrated interior designer."

"He's all about furniture and architecture, and I'm all about towels and comforters," she said.

It's not just interior design that Baston uses to keep Eva Longoria on her toes, however. He is also a stickler for fashion design.

"He's a good dresser, too. I always have to step it up," Longoria said about a year ago. "It's exhausting."

Isn't it wonderful to see Eva Longoria in such a joyful place in her life? The Desperate Housewives actress has had relationship diappointments in the past, but it seems she has finally found true love. Do you suppose she and Jose Baston will eventually tie that proverbial knot?

Will you be heading to J.C. Penney soon to check out the Eva Longoria Home Collection and see for yourself how the Devious Maids producer is doing in her latest career field?

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