Eva Longoria Compares Donald Trump Comments to Hitler

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If Eva Longoria is right, Donald Trump may have what it takes to be the leader of a country. The question is: which country?

In a single speech, Trump polarized a passionate base, marginalized an entire race, angered a foreign nation, and launched himself to the top of his political party's polls.

Speaking on the topic of illegal immigration from Mexico, Trump drew his sand line clearly.

"When Mexico sends its people they aren't sending their best," Trump said when he announced his candidacy. "They are bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they are rapists and some are good people but I speak to border guards and they tell us what we're getting."

Eva Longoria was interviewed at a National Association of Latino Independent Producers luncheon last week. She was asked about her response to Trump's comments.

"Everybody's been coming to me for a comment on it," Longoria said at first, "and I've refused to comment on it. I feel like I don't want to bring any more attention to the words because they're nothing that I agree with, obviously."

Longoria reasoned that open opposition to Trump's remarks would just make things worse.

"What I think he doesn't understand, and what people don't understand, is words create emotional poison," Longoria said. That's what they do. They create emotional poison."

She then invoked the specter of the man who did this with greatest effectiveness.

"Hitler moved a nation with words, just words."

So Longoria veered away from personally responding to the particulars of what Trump said.

"It struck a chord within our community that touched our emotions so deep that I don't want to contribute to that poison being spread. Because if I contribute, it's just going to bring more attention to the original comments. I'm like, 'You know what? I am not going to contribute to your emotional poison that you are spreading.'"

Nonetheless, she does admit that Trump should have known that he would catch hell for his comments.

"But, that being said, I think there's a lot of movement happening already. You have to expect this backlash if you say something like that. You have to expect a backlash."

Indeed, Donald Trump is giving the GOP cause for concern, leading to other GOP leaders distancing themselves from his remarks.

Donald Trump's remarks have caused such a furor in Mexico that piñatas of his likeness are becoming popular, llowing Mexicans to bash away at The Donald and his combover.

Another observant journalist sought to remind Donald Trump that his own signature line of men's suits are made in Mexico.

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