Eva Amurri, Susan Sarandon's Daughter, Suffers Miscarriage

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Eva Amurri Martino, the daughter of actress Susan Sarandon, has suffered a miscarraige and shared the news with her fans on Saturday.

The actress lost the baby nine weeks into her second pregnancy, and posted the sad news to her blog, telling readers she hoped her family's heartbreaking news would serve as an example of allowing others to help soothe the pain of loss.

"I am sharing in the hopes that we can be a light for people going through similar circumstances," Eva Amurri wrote, "and to remind myself and others that there is no shame in voicing our heartbreaks and allowing others to comfort us."

The Undateable star shared the news of her pregnancy with her husband, 36 Hours host Kyle Martino, during their daughter Marlowe's first birthday party on Aug. 9.

Eva shared in her blog that just a few days after the announcement, the couple visited their doctor for a routine ultrasound and were devastated to learn the baby's heart had stopped beating.

Eva Amurri said she had been "feeling great" throughout the pregnancy and that she and Kyle were "scared and joyful at the same time" that Marlowe would become a big sister so soon.

"Two babies under two! I was filled with nervous excitement," Eva said. "So amazed that Marlowe would have a sibling so close in age. Kyle and I hoped it was another girl."

"To anybody enduring similar heartache, I will tell you what I'm feeling and processing as a result of this loss: A lot of confusion, some anger, deep sadness, and also an immense amount of gratitude," she continued. "I have realized in the past forty-eight hours how incredibly grateful I am for the magic that I have in my life."

Eva Amurri Martino thanked her "amazingly supportive husband," "loving families" and "wonderful friends" for their love and support during their difficult time. She added that having "a healthy and happy daughter" has helped ease the family's pain

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