Erin Andrews Sues Hotel for $75 Million Over Peeping Tom


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Erin Andrews is suing Marriott International, Inc. for $75 million for negligence and invasion of privacy. The lawsuit is related to stalker Michael David Barrett’s filming of her naked via a door peephole at the Nashville Marriott in September 2008.

Among other reasons, Andrews lawsuit alleges that Marriott was facilitating the peeping tom Michael Barrett's conduct by intentionally placing him in a room next to Andrews and failing to discover that he altered the peephole of her hotel room door which allowed for Barrett to take videos of her while naked or dressing.

Barrett then put the videos on the internet where they were viewed by millions of people. You can still to this day go to Microsoft's Bing search engine and watch the video. You don't even have to leave Bing! You can easily find the video on Google as well but you have to click the link and go to another site to watch it.

Bing... remove the ability of those videos to be viewed from your site. And Bing and Google, remove the links to this illegally obtained video!

The lawsuit is readable in full on

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