Erin Andrews Leaving ESPN: Twitter Breaks News

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Erin Andrews, who has been the sideline reporter for ESPN for over eight years, is leaving the network.

Her departure was announced yesterday by publicist Mike Soltys on Twitter, sparking instant talk about the popular reporter. Her fame has grown quite a bit in recent years as she became the attractive face of the first half of College Football Gameday and displayed her talents on "Dancing With The Stars". She's widely considered a "dream girl" by many sports fanatics everywhere and will surely be missed.

Her last appearance for the network was for the ACC basketball tournament in March, and since then rumors have been flying about where she might go if she decided to leave once word got out that she was unhappy. Those rumors have changed now, concerning instead where she'll land; the one that keeps sticking is about Fox Sports. Nothing has been confirmed yet, however, as Andrews' contract with ESPN isn't up until July 1st.

It would appear some deal is in the process of being struck, however, as a rep for Andrews made a statement about her future, saying, “We are not in a position to discuss Erin’s next career move.”

Speculation about her future with the network has made rounds across the sports world as rumors flew as early as March that she wasn't happy with her job and had her agent looking for something else.

I take it that confirms that the decision was Andrews' and not ESPN's.

This isn't the first time Twitter has been used to break big news for ESPN; Adam Schefter has used the social media outlet several times to spread the word about imminent football trades and to confirm rumors. He was the first to break the story about Peyton Manning choosing to go to the Denver Broncos.

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