Erin Andrews Is Still Pissed About That Leaked Internet Video

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Note to people trying to be funny and/or cute at someone else's expense: Sometimes, the sensitivity of things never goes away. Just ask Erin Andrews. In case you aren't aware, Erin Andrews is an ESPN personality who is very popular with the fellows. A quick look at her in the lead image gives you a good idea why. She's an attractive blond who can talk about sports in a manner that appeals to guys, and so, before the infamous video hit, Andrews was one of the more popular personalities on ESPN.

She'd won a number of "hottest sideline reporter" contests -- not that that mattered to Andrews -- and was quickly transitioning from attractive sideline reporter to sex symbol. So much so, in fact, Michael David Barrett decided the best way to serve the public was to film a naked Andrews through her hotel peephole and release the video to the public. This story has been well documented, and unfortunately, the aftermath seems to have lessened the natural zeal Andrews had during games she covering. It's hard to blame her, however, knowing her privacy was violated so completely, the resulting sex offender punishment for Barrett seems just and reasonable.

The following quote from Andrews, taken during Barrett's trial, demonstrates her disposition:

"I am subject to crude comments," she told the court in December. "I walk into stadiums, and fans make crude comments to me. I have nightmares about this sexual predator."

Those comments were made during March of 2010. Thanks to a video that appeared on Deadspin, it's clear Andrews still has to deal with morons who are trying to be cute and funny:

In case you can't make out what's going on, what we have is Andrews appearing at the College World Series, and, naturally, some of the male fans are trying to get her attention. In this case, the guy filming -- or at least narrating -- asks Andrews to sign his friend's baseball, which she politely declines. The scorned friend then says something along the lines of "That's OK, I'll just watch your video tomorrow" or something similar.

What an effective way to prove Andrews' point, guys, because if there's one thing I'm sure of in this life, it's how women like to be reminded, nay, heckled, for situations that resulted in sex offender punishments for the guilty. It's actually surprising Andrews was as calm as she was, but then again, going back to the comments she made during Barrett's trial, she's probably used to it by now, and that's almost as unfortunate as her invasion of privacy -- one the Internet reveled in, including this particular writer.

That's right, I'm just as guilty as anyone else who saw the video. The difference being, I'm not trying to remind her of her ordeal. Making fun of something so obviously painful just to be witty for your buddies filming their latest user-generated content submission is awfully weak. Good thing the YouTube comments called them out, as well:

Made fools of yourselves now did ya - all you accomplished was to show Erin Andrews has more professionalism and class than you clowns ever will.


Awful human beings

There's also some contention about the video's title -- "Erin Andrews vs 12yr old about video" -- because, it seems, the video's title was done in such a way as to portray Andrews as the bad guy here. Um, yeah. About that... While it's doubtful the mouthy fan was as young as the title suggests, that isn't the point. If he can dish it out, he damn well better be able to take the consequences, 12-year old or no.

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