Erin Andrews Blasted For Post-Game Interview


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By now, everyone is probably familiar with Richard Sherman's rant after the Seahawks won against the San Franscisco 49ers a few weeks ago, and since then, it seems both him and the interviewer Erin Andrews have become increasingly more popular.

Sherman received a bump in his overall profile, but also received a fair amount of backlash for losing his cool, but Andrews has caught some heat too for the way she handled the interview, and much of that heat came from long time reporter Kevin Harlan.

"I don't know if she was unprepared, her reaction was more about her than the guy," said Harlan, in an interview with a Pittsburgh radio station.

"It was very odd. If you go back and look at that interview, her reaction was more like drama queenish. If Michele Tafoya or someone like that were interviewing, I can't help believe that she would have asked the appropriate follow-up and been a little bit more composed, whereas the gal that was asking the questions was almost like she was on a stage. It wasn't about her, it's all about him, and the more I think about it, the more irritated I get."

Andrews quickly responded to Harlan, and said she was truly saddened by his comments.

"I thought it was very unfortunate what he said, especially because I've heard he has a daughter in this industry," she stated. "I don't really feel like the criticism has really been there. I feel like it's just people trying to make comments to be heard. I would love somebody to tell me what else I could have done differently."

Some might say the Fox reporter could have reacted better to Sherman, and been more prepared for an animated response--instead of looking scared--like yelling after a big play is something so strange.

However, there are others who believe that Andrews handled the interview perfectly and it looks like Harlan is now one of them, because he's since apologized.

"Erin is a pro and I should have given more thought to the situation that she was in, which was incredibly uncomfortable," he said.

Image via Wikimedia Commons