Erin Andrews Believes Nashville Hotel Should Pay Up--the Entire $55 Million She Was Awarded

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Erin Andrews believes the Nashville Marriott, which was found at fault for the peephole video scandal in which she was recorded nude, should be liable for the entire $55 million she was awarded in court just a couple of weeks ago.

The court, however, deemed the actual perpetrator, Michael David Barrett, responsible for 51 percent of the payout.

Not so fast, attorneys for Erin Andrews say. Documents have already been filed to put the hotel on the line for the entire amount instead.

It was back on March 7, following a nine day trial, that West End Hotel Partners, the hotel owner, and Windsor Capital Group, the management company, were at fault for allowing Michael David Barrett to book the room next to Erin Andrews. Barrett reversed the peephole in the connecting door, and filmed the Fox Sports reporter and Dancing With the Stars co-host.

According to a report from The Tennesseean, "The filing cites a complex legal issue involving joint and several liability. It argues that because the jury found the hotel companies at least partially responsible, that means the jury also found that the hotel companies should have foreseen Barrett's actions."

Erin Andrews' attorneys have asked Nashville Circuit Judge Hamilton Gayden to agree that Michael David Barrett's actions were as a result of the hotel failing to protect her--their guest.

The filing asks the judge to rule in favor of Erin Andrews or--at the very least--to allow for legal argument.

If Michael Barrett remains on the hook for 51 percent of the $55 million payout, Erin Andrews likely won't get any of that portion of the money. She stands to receive much closer to the actual $55 million if the hotel is deemed to be responsible for making Barrett's actions possible.

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