Epic Opens an Online Store Just in Time For Christmas


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Epic Games, the creators of the Gears of War series and the Unreal game engine, today launched an online store to sell merchandise related to its games and brands. The items being sold in the Epic store are exclusive, and can't be found in other stores.

We’re excited to launch Epic’s official store and provide our loyal fans apparel and merchandise that they can’t find anywhere else,” said Kendall Boyd, Epic’s director of marketing for worldwide studios. “Our hope is to grow our brand via channels such as the Epic Store and celebrate all of our terrific intellectual properties with the community.”

Unfortunately, the Epic store is rather sparse at this point. Most of the merchandise is Gears of War-related, though there are a couple of Infinity Blade t-shirts, a Bulletstorm t-shirt, and an "Ultrakill" Unreal Tournament t-shirt. There is also a Jazz Jackrabbit t-shirt for old-school gamers or hipsters, and an Impossible Studios t-shirt for those who are excited by Epic's newly-created development studio, crafted from the remnants of Big Huge Games.

In a statement today, Epic promised its new store will be "continually upgraded and expanded" and that they have "surprises planned for fans in the coming weeks or months." Here's hoping those surprises include Shadow Complex pint glasses, or Unreal Tournament LEGO sets.