How To Be an Entrepreneurial YouTube Creator

Have you ever thought of being a YouTube star or perhaps really using YouTube and your personality to promote your business? You can do it just as literally thousands of YouTube entrepreneurs have don...
How To Be an Entrepreneurial YouTube Creator
Written by Rich Ord
  • Have you ever thought of being a YouTube star or perhaps really using YouTube and your personality to promote your business? You can do it just as literally thousands of YouTube entrepreneurs have done including one YouTuber Eric Bandholz.

    Bandholz is the Creative Directory and co-founder of Beardbrand, an Austin, Texas grooming company for men with beards, marketing beard care products. The company started in 2012 with a blog, a YouTube channel and a Tumblr account. They say that their “mission has been to foster style for the urban beardsman and provide tools that help men become better.” Eric Bandholz started the company with co-founders Lindsey Reinders and Jeremy McGee.

    Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 7.23.37 PM

    The Beardbrand company was started with a unique personality and passion. “Rather than wait for someone else to build the community, we (my co-founders and I) stepped up to the plate,” says Bandholz. “We wanted to be more than a company that sells products, and instead we want to guide men to become the individuals they want to be (beard or beardless). For many of our customers, that means giving them the tools they need to grow their beards out. I’m talking about guidance on how to handle the growth of beards physically and psychologically.”

    We’ve grown tremendously over the years and are really lucky to be leading a new movement for men. Traditionally beardsmen were thought of as bikers, hippies, vagabonds, and outdoorsmen. We wanted to show the world that there were ordinary guys out there who rocked beards and they don’t fit the traditional stereotype.

    On this channel we talk about beard, hair and body grooming. We also have another channel called Urban Beardsman where we talk about the lifestyle of the urban beardsman. Those topics include style, travel, lifestyle, and self improvement. Thank you so much for your support and beard on!

    Eric Bandholz was recently interviewed by John McCallen of YouTube in a YouTube Creators Spotlight video. Banholz offered three tips for entrepreneurs thinking about creating their first YouTube videos and launching their own YouTube channel to promote their business.

    “One… Just do it,” says Bandholz. “Get off your butt, start creating, no excuses. When I started creating content regularly, like once a week, is really when we started to see the growth in our channel. In the first year we uploaded five or six videos and we had 300 subscribers. And then I really decided to get it into gear, in 2013 when we launched our business, and uploaded probably 20 videos that second year. And then we really got consistent and started uploading every single week. That’s when we jumped up to something like 70,000.”

    “Two,  take advantage of the resources on YouTube, they’re everywhere, like YouTube’s Creator Academy, other YouTubers and other channels, and listen to your community as well”, added Bandholz. “The challenge is when someone is like ‘I love this music!’ And the next post is: ‘I hate that music!’ So you really just have to do what feels natural and comfortable to you and is something that you feel proud to share.”

    The third key ingredient to successfully becoming a YouTube entrepreneural marketer is to “be passionate about what you’re doing” says Bandholz. “Because that’s what’s going to keep you going through the long haul. If you don’t have that passion it’s going to be a total, total drag. So I always recommend: do the thing that makes you happy.”

    “Beardbrand has grown to a seven-figure business,” according to the Beard Man Eric Bandholz. “We’re up to 12 employees, hiring more every day. It was a really exciting day for me to see us pass 100,000 subscribers. We e-mailed all our customers and let them know.”

    “When we started Beardbrand nobody had known or heard about beard care,” Bandholz said. “It would be scoffed at. Without YouTube, without explaining why we’re doing the thing we’re doing, without being able to engage with the community, we would not be here. With literally a zero-dollar investment and a passion for beards I’ve been able to build the life that I want to live and I’ve been able to surround myself with the people I want to surround myself and interact with the community of people that I love interacting with.”

    The company has been unsuccessfully featured on SharkTank, exposed to the world by a New York Times article and now has become a YouTube phenomena and they say, you can do it too. As Eric Bandholz says, “Just do it!”

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