Entourage Movie: Get Ready Fans, It's Official!


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The Entourage movie has finally been made official after years of delay, and speculation about the fate of the film. Members of the cast and director, Doug Ellin continued to tweet about the fate of the film recently, until yesterday when it was finally revealed that it would be made.

Entourage was a very popular television show that aired on HBO from 2004-2011. After the show's finale, an Entourage movie was rumored to be made almost as soon as the show's emotional end. The film was originally green-lit in January, but has been delayed several times since.

The show featured Adrian Grenier as the star of the show, Vincent Chase, a Hollywood actor. He is joined by his "entourage" of Eric, Turtle, and Johnny "Drama" Chase, his brother. The crew all originated from New York, and came to Hollywood where they meet Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven), and the show focused on the ups and downs of Chase's career.

The Entourage movie's original announcement came from Jerry Ferrara, who played Turtle on the show, and it came in the form of a tweet. Earlier in the day, he also appeared on the Wendy Williams show in order to promote his new film Last Vegas, when of course, he was also pressed on the fate of the Entourage movie. On the show, he told Williams "It's looking good. It's looking real good. It could be closed today."

There has been much controversy over the film, and the reasons for it being delayed. The Hollywood Reporter previously reported that the reason for the delay was because of Jeremy PIven's high paycheck, and his co-stars wanted a similar deal to Piven's.

Despite those reports, Ferrara claimed that the problems have just been due to scheduling, and that he would be happy to do it for free. He went on to mention that they hope to start shooting in January, and in fact, the Entourage movie needs to start shooting by January 2014 in order to be eligible for the California tax credit, which Warner Bros. has made a condition of the film being made.

Adrian Grenier aslo humorously posted this fake driver's license on both his Facebook and Twitter.

When fans last saw the Entourage gang, many people probably remember an emotional finale with everyone seeming to go separate ways, at least temporarily. Eric finally proposed to Sloan, Vince was off to work on a new film, Turtle was making more moves as a businessman, and Johnny was even starting to see a bit of success, with Ari becoming the head of his own studio.

Perhaps the most important tweets of the night came from Doug Ellin, who in one tweet, even responded to NBA star Kevin Durant saying that this is arguably the best day of his life.

The Entourage movie will pick up six month after the series' finale, with Ari being featured as a powerful head of a studio. Well, the emotional roller-coaster for fans is finally over, and we can all rest assured knowing that the film will begin shooting in a matter of months.

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