Enrique Iglesias Talks Man Parts

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Enrique Iglesias participated in a question and answer session with the Miami Herald this past week, and twice alluded to the size--or lack thereof--of his manhood. The meet and greet took place at The James Royal Palm.

Iglesias performed Saturday night in Sunrise, Florida, at the Jingle Ball concert, sponsored by Y100. He took time out of his busy schedule to speak with his hometown newspaper.

The question and answer session was very straightforward, and in no way lent itself to the Hero singer discussing his man parts.

The first rather uncomfortable mention came when talking about what he likes to do when home in Miami. He said he likes to go skinny dipping when there's no paparazzi around--adding that he won't say where because "there's not a lot to show off."

The second mention came when asked what his worst trait was.

"My worst defect is from my waist down," Iglesias said, laughing.

Self-deprecating humor is fine--everyone uses it to alleviate uncomfortable situations or to garner a quick laugh. But to mention his less-than-ample genitalia not just once, but twice in the same interview, just seemed a bit peculiar. Iglesias was one of two male headliners for this year's Jingle Ball concert series nationwide. That kind of notoriety should be plenty to help boost his self-confidence.

Is Enrique Iglesias one of those guys who isn't happy if his manhood isn't lauded? Was he hoping someone would disagree with his down-talking about himself?

Despite what Iglesias claims he's lacking down below, he more than makes up for up above--in the form of his singing voice. Hopefully that's enough for his fans, since it doesn't sound like (at least coming straight from the horse's mouth) he has much else to offer. His fans at the Jingle Ball this week in Sunrise, Florida, seemed thrilled with his performance there.

Do you find these comments a bit bizarre or was Enrique Iglesias just behaving like a typical guy?

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