English, Siri, Do You Speak It?

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Has anyone fired Siri yet? Or are you all still relying on Apple's voice assistant that debuted alongside the iPhone 4S last fall? Our relationship is complicated, to say the least. Let's just say that I'm evaluating my options and determining whether or not I really need Siri in my life. I told her that I was questioning our relationship, and she didn't know what to say.

It appears that the Honeymoon period is over for Siri and some iPhone users, at least. Multiple lawsuits claiming false advertising have been filed against Apple in recent months. Basically, the claim is that Siri sucks, and Apple deceived everyone by falsely reporting her capabilities - some for which users have found less than functional.

Jules Winnfield probably isn't going to bother with lawsuits.

Siri's lack of comprehension is on full display in this clever reimagining of a classic scene from Pulp Fiction, courtesy of slacktory. Check out the big brain on Siri below (NSFW language):

No, Siri, Jules doesn't want to do search the web.

Although Siri might speak English pretty well, her skill with other languages and accents is less than remarkable. We've heard that Siri struggles with Scottish and Australian accents, and recently saw that her troubles extend to her grasp of Japanese.

Samuel L. Jackson actually starred in a recent ad for the iPhone 4S, where he used Siri to prepare for date night. However, that ad has fewer mf'ers and shows the voice assistant in a little better light.

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