England Riots Consume The Internet

Everywhere you turn, at least on the Internet, content from the misguided riots going on across the pond are flooding outlets of every kind. Whether it’s a site like Reddit or an actual news out...
England Riots Consume The Internet
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  • Everywhere you turn, at least on the Internet, content from the misguided riots going on across the pond are flooding outlets of every kind. Whether it’s a site like Reddit or an actual news outlet like CNN.com, the English riots are the thing. Considering the images alone that are popping up here, there, and everywhere, it’s almost like riots and the Internet go hand-in-hand.

    As reported earlier, Blackberry makers RIM offered their hand in assisting the punishment of these individuals. For these gestures of goodwill, RIM had their Blackberry blog hacked. Apparently, Anarchy in the UK is not just a song to enjoy.

    It’s a lifestyle to be lived.

    What else could be gathered after seeing the insane amount of content, courtesy of the bored and apparently useless youth of London? Speaking of content, as indicated, Reddit.com has been a fount of riot-related images and other materials. The same is true for Buzzfeed and Flickr. In fact, there’s so much riot-related content, to list it all would call for an article the size of a J. R. R. Tolkien novel.

    Because of that, this post will only focus on a portion of it. Take, for instance, the lady who actually defied the rioters. The unnamed defender has reached “bad ass” status with the Internet crowd, and the video shows why:

    Too bad she wasn’t around to defend the following person:

    That’s so pathetically sad, it’s hard not to wish hurtful things on the “Samaritans” who were “helping” the guy. There’s truly a special place in hell for someone who would rob someone who was hurt/adversely effected during these ridiculous (or any) riots.

    While the videos do a great job of demonstrating the chaos the London Police are dealing with, the images do so much more:

    London Riots

    London Riots
    Courtesy of Flickr

    London Riots

    London Riots
    Images courtesy

    Over at the aforementioned Reddit, we came across this gem, which listed under the following title, which maybe the most fitting thing ever: “Stupid is as stupid does. Idiot London looter shows off on Twitter – then quickly tries to excuse her crime.” What we have is some wunderkind bragging about looting on her Twitter account.

    You can tell she’s a super-genius by her awesome use of the Queen’s English:

    Stupid Twitter Use

    As you can see, all the personal information has been blacked out, but over at the Imgur.com post, more information about mankind’s savior was revealed.

    Stupid Twitter Use

    Apparently, Miss BARBZbabes deleted her Twitter, but some Redditors did find her Facebook.

    That Internet’s some powerful stuff, ennit?

    Considering her last tweet, there’s little doubt Jenna Major is reconsidering her brilliant actions, especially now that she’s been outed.

    Other gems include this next photo, with perhaps the most honest caption, ever:

    CCTV Riots

    Food for thought, no?

    However, not all of the content focused on the negative. As with just about any period of social unrest, there’s the inevitable cleanup. This makes for good Internet content as well, especially the upcoming piece of Twitter genius:

    Waterstones staff member to me last night: “We’ll probably stay open. If they steal some books, they might actually learn something.” 7 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

    As for the cleanup, it appears to be going well, thanks to the power of social media:

    It’s just sad dumbasses like Jenna “BARBZbabes” Major are the reason such cleanups are even necessary. That being said, the community spirit is a nice change after seeing all the misguided rioting. Clearly, these situations bring out the worst and the best in people.

    Sadly, the worst part comes first.

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