Engagement Rings: Tips For Buyers


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As if the holidays aren't already stressful enough, December is also peak engagement season. That means thousands of men and some women are scrambling to find that perfect engagement ring to surprise their significant other with on Christmas day or during a special winter proposal. The good news is that stores are aware of this and they are offering great selections and prices this time of year.

Picking out an engagement ring is no easy task and neither is popping that question. To make your holiday engagement go as smoothly as possible, make sure you are completely prepared before you swipe that debit card and get down on one knee.

Every girl dreams of wearing a big diamond, but bigger isn't always better or logical. Before you take out a huge loan you can't afford or consider taking a second job to buy that big rock, think about how it will look and feel on your significant other's hand. Is your sweetheart active? Will he or she need to take the ring off to work or exercise? Will the wearer constantly have to worry about hitting their ring or getting it caught on things?

Choose a carat size that is big enough to be eye catching, but not so big that it becomes more of a hassle to wear than a joy. Ingle & Rhode recently released a line of diamond engagement rings that are ready to wear and affordable.

Remember, just because you buy the ring, it doesn't mean you have to pop the question. Sure, a Christmas engagement sounds special and romantic, but if you aren't really ready, it could be a disaster. Don't let the spirit of Christmas get you ahead of yourself or cause you to rush into a purchase or relationship you aren't ready for. If you saved up to buy that engagement ring for Christmas but are having second thoughts, just put it in layaway instead.

Many jewelry stores and retail stores like Walmart offer layaway year round for jewelry. If you have to buy it now, make sure you know the return policy. Even though it probably won't happen, you might change your mind or she might not say yes. It's always best to be prepared.

If you have decided on a holiday engagement, take your time choosing your ring and preparing your proposal. Good luck!

Image from Wikimedia Commons.