Endomondo Makes Exercise Social With Facebook

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I've always been told that exercise needs to be done with at least one other person or else you're just going to give up. That social element is going to keep both of you pushing on until you reach your goal. Unfortunately, not all of us have an insane exercise fiend for a friend. Endomondo, however, found a suitable replacement - the Internet.

This week's Facebook developer spotlight is aimed at Endomondo, a mobile and web app that allows users to share their workouts. The app includes pretty much every major form of workout that involves getting outside and traveling so the good old staples like running and biking are well represented.

The app, currently available via Web, iOS or Android, decided to use Facebook's simple single sign-on for all those who wish to use the site. Not only does it connect you to all your Facebook friends, but it prevents the user from having to create a new username and password.

The app also makes use of Open Graph's GeoPoint functionality to display workout routes. These workout routes will show up as Bing-powered maps on your Timeline. It will also show your friends some workout metrics including total distance traveled, average sped and the calories you burnt while out running. Telling your friends about your workout routines is sure to keep up the encouragement needed to continue working out.

Endomondo Makes Exercise Social With Facebook

As is the case with more and more Facebook apps these days, you can control what Facebook can share via a simple button. I'm sure most people will want to gloat about their awesome exercise routines, but some will want to keep it a secret as well. I don't want people knowing when they can find my 230 lb self running around sweating bacon all over the sidewalk.

The Web app also uses Facebook in unique ways by connecting you with your friends who are also using the app. It allows you to compare workout routes and see what kind of workouts your friends are up to. Facebook says that it "starts conversations and encourages sharing" which is essential for a successful workout regimen.

While not as big of a jump as other apps, which might be attributed to the fact that we're all lazy, Endomondo has still seen exponential growth after integrating Facebook. Its traffic from Facebook has increased by more than 75 percent since March. The number of workouts shared on Facebook has also increased by over 150 percent.