Change Management: Successfully Leading Your Organization Through Transitions

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NHTSA Wants Cars to Have Automatic Braking Systems

US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is pushing for vehicles to have automatic braking systems.

The Tenacious Climb of Women Returning to Work in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

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Salesforce Growth Hits a Wall

Salesforce reported its latest quarterly earnings and it was not all good news, signaling a period of slow growth.

Google Exec Takes Aim At Microsoft Over EU Cloud Complaints

A Google executive is once again calling out Microsoft for charging EU customers more for its software if they use a competing cloud platform.

Reddit’s New API Policy May Kill Apollo and Other Third-Party Apps

Reddit’s new policy of charging for API access may kill off some of the most popular third-party apps, despite earlier promises to the contrary.

Microsoft Details macOS Vulnerability That Could Bypass SIP

Microsoft has provided details on a new macOS vulnerability, one that could be used to bypass System Integrity Protection (SIP).

FTC’s Ring Settlement Shows Why Companies Don’t Respect User Privacy

Consumers who wonder why companies don’t respect user privacy should look to the FTC’s settlement with Ring as Exhibit A.

Harnessing the Power of User-Generated Content for Brand Advocacy

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Elizabeth Holmes Reports to Prison to Begin 11-Year Sentence

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has reported to prison, beginning her 11-year sentence for defrauding investors.