Emma Watson To Make Move To Musicals

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Emma Watson will soon be navigating territory hitherto unexplored in her career.

Musicals. Like old school Singing in the Rain musicals.

Emma Watson has been working hard to shed her Hermione Granger skin, and perhaps this is just the thing to do it!

She will not only be singing, but also most likely dancing in the new film.

Emma Watson will play Mia in the film, which will be called La La Land. Mia is trying to become an actress in Los Angeles.

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Director Damien Chazelle said of the film, "I’ve been trying to get off the ground since I lived in LA, in the past five or six years."

He continued, "I wrote the script about four years ago, and I worked with the same guy who did the music on Whiplash. We wrote it four years ago and we were just trying to convince someone to do an original, MGM-style musical, because I don’t think there are enough."

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Agreed. There just aren't enough big budget Hollywood musicals out there. Especially modern ones. This sounds like so much fun, not only for Emma Watson, but for us, as well!

The music minds will not be the only connection to Whiplash. Emma Watson's jazz musician love interest in the film will be played by Whiplash's Miles Teller.

It sounds like an incredibly interesting film and it will be great to see just what Emma Watson can do with her pipes and dancing shoes.

It's a good thing Emma Watson isn't scared of trying new things in her career.

What do you think of Emma Watson's new role in La La Land?

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