Emma Watson Stopped At Airport, Mistaken For Child

Amanda CrumLife

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Emma Watson seems to have become a mature young woman almost overnight, at least to us Potter fans. For those of us who remember her being a frizzy-haired know-it-all, it's jarring to find her modeling for the likes of Burberry and showing off her long legs in towering heels on the red carpet.

Apparently, the people over at JFK Airport don't feel the same way; the "How To Be A Wallflower" star was stopped there recently and asked where her guardian was.

While it's never a bad thing for a woman to be mistaken as younger than she is, 12 may be a bit below the age Watson wants to be taken for. But don't feel too badly for her; at 22, she's already attained young millionaire status, starred in the most popular film series of its decade, and has begun to build an impressive acting resume outside of her successful time at college. A little airport misunderstanding is probably a small price to pay.

Amanda Crum
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