Emma Watson Almost Flashed The Red Carpet

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Emma Watson hit the red carpet recently to celebrate her new film, "This Is The End", and came very close to showing everyone a lot more than she'd intended to.

The 23-year old former "Harry Potter" star was caught on camera while hoisting her top up to avoid a Janet Jackson moment, and the deer-in-headlights look is adorable in the way only she can make it.

Watson's newest project, Sofia Coppola's "The Bling Ring", has had her busy taking lessons on how to be a little more scandalous.

"I did learn to pole dance for the film, and I have a small pole dancing scene," Watson said. "But it's not a performance for anyone else, it's just me messing around with my friends. I took lessons."

She's not taking any cues from former co-star Daniel Radcliffe in the nudity department, however; the dancing was for her character Nikki, who is loosely based on real-life "Bling Ring" member Alexis Neiers.

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