Emma Stone Talks Getting A Second Chance On Cabaret


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Emma Stone didn't realize what she was giving up when she passed on a role in the Broadway musical Cabaret. That is why she is incredibly thankful to have a shot at the role again.

The 25-year-old actress spoke to the New York Times last week and admitted that she regretted giving up the role. Stone was originally slated to play the part of Sally Bowles, however she decided to give up the part, and was replaced by Michelle Williams.

"It was painful," she said of her decision to give up the part. "I'd said goodbye to the idea of ever playing Sally on Broadway, and it upset me; it really upset me. But I think it also helped me learn about having a real work-life balance, as cliché as that sounds."

"I realized that [my] schedule would turn the dream of playing Sally into a kind of nightmare," she continued. "It felt like forcing something that wouldn't fit. But I was telling myself I can do this, and everyone wanted to make it work ... But part of me also thought, 'It's going to kill me.'"

After finishing her commitments, Stone went to see Williams perform the part that was originally hers. That's when Stone realized that she wanted another shot at the part and she told Roundabout Theater Company artistic director Todd Haimes that she was still interested.

"It was weird to think of wearing someone else's clothes," she said. "But this was my chance to do Cabaret with Alan and in Studio 54, and that would never happen again ... I'm just glad the chance came around again to earn my stripes as Sally."

Stone will take over the role from Williams on November 11.