Emma Stone 'Scared S***less' of Upcoming Broadway Debut

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Emma Stone, 25, is apparently "scared s***less" of making her debut on Broadway next month.

The Birdman actress will take over the role of Sally Bowles in Cabaret from Michelle Williams and says she's just a wee bit nervous about the undertaking.

"I'm scared s**tless!" she admitted. "But I've wanted to play that part since I was, strangely, nine years old, which is way too young."

Stone talked about the first time she saw Cabaret while promoting Birdman on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

"I saw it in New York for the first time with Alan as the Emcee when I was nine years old, which is the most inappropriate show to take a nine-year-old to," she said. "Do not bring a child!"

The girlfriend of Andrew Garfield has been "singing and dancing eight times a week" in preparation for the role, which she admits is "terrifying but fun."

Stone will star in the role from Nov. 11 to Feb. 1, 2015.

The actress has future plans in the works as well, which include starting a family.

When asked what kind of life she would like to have in 10 years, she told People , "Family, peace, a home and challenging work."

The magazine also reports that if the Spider-Man 2 star does have kids in the future, she may teach them about one of her fascinations — astrology.

"I know way too much about it, and it's ridiculous," she said. "I know it's not real... but it could be. We don't know."

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