Emma Stone Brings To Life Gilda Radner’s Famous Character During SNL Anniversary Special

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Being on primetime television for 40 years is no easy feat, that’s why NBC went all out in celebrating Saturday Night Live’s monumental success. The special featured a number of A-listers and celebrities who became a part of the show’s colorful history. Emma Stone made the audience laugh out loud when she paid tribute to Gilda Radner’s famous character, Roseanne Rosannadanna.

The Academy Award-nominated actress hit the stage during a Weekend Update sketch that saw Tina Fey reuniting with Amy Poehler on the anchor spotlight. Emma Stone considered Gilda Radner as one of her comedy heroes which is why she was up to don the ridiculously large wig and suit that fans all over the world loved.

Radner debuted the character back in 1977 and it became one of her most beloved characters during her stint at SNL. Roseannadanna was the consumer affairs correspondent of the skit who gave crazy replies to letters of “the viewers.” The character would usually dish out far-fetched stories involving celebrities and would frequently make derogatory comments to those living in New Jersey for comedic effect. Radner passed away in 1989 due to cancer after starring in over 100 SNL episodes.

The Birdman actress showed off her full costume in a behind-the-scenes snap posted on SNL’s Instagram account. Stone really looked the part when she traded her red hair with the black wig that Radner’s character made popular. She also wore the signature oversized coat and flowery blouse that made drove fans to nostalgia.

Stone wasn’t the only one who made the audience laugh during the Weekend Update sketch. Edward Norton made a hilarious appearance as Stefon 2 along with Bill Hader who also played the character that he made popular. Melissa McCarthy also appeared, paying tribute to the late Chris Farley by playing his famous character, Matt Foley.

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