Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling Back Together?

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Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are getting back together.

First was Crazy, Stupid Love. Then came Gangster Squad. If Emma Stone is not going to be with Andrew Garfield, even if just not for now, the next best thing would be Ryan Gosling.

Since Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are on some sort of hiatus that only they seem to understand, fans are tickled at the idea that Emma Stone might have onscreen steam with Ryan Gosling in a new musical called La La Land.

The musical will be directed by Damien Chazelle, who did Whiplash. It was originally intended for Whiplash star Miles Teller and Harry Potter alum Emma Watson. But Emma Watson has attached to the upcoming Disney live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, so Chazelle went out and snagged Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

Well, first he asked Eddie Redmayne, but that guy has his eye on another role elsewhere and wanted to keep his line open.

The Wrap describes La La Land thusly:

La La Land is a two-hander [having two main characters, as opposed to an ensemble cast] that follows a pair of dreamers — aspiring actress Mia, who’s lonely desperate to fit in, and cocky yet charismatic jazz pianist Sebastian — who fall in love in Los Angeles. However, the city that brought them together may tear them apart, as they soon discover that balancing love and art in such a cutthroat climate isn’t easy."

The film is slated for 2016. Justin Hurwitz is attached as composer. He worked with Chazelle on Whiplash.

Whiplash was well-received. It won J.K. Simmons an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, and the film cleaned up at Sundance 2014.

If Emma Stone extends her schedule to work on this, she and Andrew Garfield might never get time to fan that flame back up.

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