Emma Stone And Bradley Cooper In "Aloha"

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Emma Stone is set to star in a new movie with Bradley Cooper, Aloha.

Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper in the same movie is impressive enough, but the rest of the cast is enough reason in itself to go see this film.

Aloha is the first film from Cameron Crowe since We Bought a Zoo.

Aloha follows Bradley Cooper, as playboy military contractor Brian Gilcrest, as he returns to Hawaii after messing up an important assignment.

Emma Stone plays Allison Ng, who is a hard-hitting no-nonsense Air Force officer who finds herself slowly falling in love with Gilcrest as she works with him.

However, no romance movie is complete without a little competition that seems to threaten a perfect love. Emma Stone's character is no exception.

Emma Stone's competition is the lovely Rachel McAdams, who stars as Gilcrest's ex-girlfriend who struggled to put her life back together after he left her in Hawaii.

In addition to her pretty face, Rachel McAdams exudes sweet nostalgia for Bradley Cooper's character.

Sweet suspense! Who will win Brian Gilcrest's heart in the end?

In addition to Emma Stone, Bradley Cooper, and Rachel McAdams, the film also features Bill Murray as a billionaire who is in the process of launching a satellite system.

Not to mention John Krasinski as Rachel McAdams’ current partner, and even the great Alec Baldwin as Gilcrest’s cranky superior officer.

This movie looks so great!

Emma Stone hasn't really played many a role as a by-the-book stickler.

What do you think of Emma Stone's role in Aloha as Bradley Cooper's unlikely love interest?

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