Emma Roberts: Kissing James Franco 'So Not Romantic'

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Emma Roberts, 23, recently spilled about her bedroom scenes with costar James Franco in their new movie, Palo Alto, and it looks like kissing the 127 Hours star wasn't a dream come true as many Franco fans might imagine.

"It wasn't [awkward], because James is so lovely and he didn't make it weird," Roberts told E! Online at the Hollywood premiere of the film this week. "It wasn't weird, but there was definitely a point where you're like, ‘How much longer until you say cut?'

"What people don't realize is people are always like, 'Oh, you got to make out with James Franco!' I'm like, 'Yeah, and 30 people stood there and watched!' It's so not romantic at all."

Julia Roberts' niece said that while the kissing may not have been all that great, everyone around her was jealous of her lip-locking scenes with the actor.

"Everyone [was]!" she laughed. "Guys, girls, everybody. My mom was asking about it. I've never had so many people ask me about a kiss that wasn't even real in my whole life ever."

Roberts said she has dreamed about being a part of a movie version of Franco's Palo Alto short stories ever since she read the book.

"I read James Franco's book literally the day it came out," said the American Horror Story actress. "I got it at Book Soup in L.A. when they were putting it on the table. I read it in three days and I remember calling my manager and being like, ‘If this gets made into a movie I have to be in it.'"

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