Emily Kinney Is NOT Dating Norman Reedus

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Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus, or Beth and Daryl if you prefer, are absolutely not dating.

Despite rumors to the contrary, the two Walking Dead stars are not real-life lovers.

On Wednesday, US Weekly reported to have exclusive information on a new, budding relationship between Emily Kinney, 29, and Norman Reedus, 46.

The source said of Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus, "They had a connection early on in the show, but the romance developed recently. They're still pretty guarded about it."

The source continued, "He was one of the first to support her at her concerts when she was still on the show."

Goodmorning !!! Headed to San Fran, who's gonna be at Brick and Mortar?! #thisiswartour

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Of course, many had hoped that Emily Kinney would become Daryl's first love interest on The Walking Dead, but it wasn't meant to be, as she was kidnapped and killed.

It reportedly wasn't meant to be in real life, either.

A rep confirmed to E! News that Emily Kinney is not dating Reedus.

Then, Norman Reedus posted a shot to Twitter that poked fun of the accusations.

It seems he won't be finding love on the show with Carol, either.

Reedus said, "The thing is, once you do that, it's done."

He continued, "I like all the awkward things in between that make a person and make it honest. I think that that character, once he shacks up with somebody, he's going to be with them for life. I don't want to blow my wad, so to speak, right off the bat, you know what I mean?"

What do you think? Were you really hoping the rumors about Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus were true?

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