Emily Goodhand: Tori Spelling Calls Her Unattractive

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Tori Spelling has been tormented by the thought of her husband cheating on her with his mistress Emily Goodhand for months now. While Tori hated Emily for what she did, it was a long time before she actually got to see what she looks like.

Tori was expecting Emily to be very attractive and sexually appealing but after seeing her picture she said that she was not at all impressed with her looks and would not be threatened by her if her husband had not have already cheated on Tori with her.

On Tori’s reality show True Tori, Tori looks at a photo of Emily and says, "Oh god, I'm devastated. Am I a bitch if I say I think she's unattractive?"

As Tori continued to look through the magazine that contained the photos of Goodhand, she told her friend, "In my mind she looks like an Amish woman from the 1800s."

While some women might feel relieved that their husband wasn't cheating on them with a woman who was good looking and hard to compete with, Tori became even more upset about the affair after seeing the photos.

"I was completely blown away by what Emily looked like. I found her unattractive." Spelling had expected to see a sexpot and was thrown by Goodhand's average looks. "Before this, I would never have felt threatened by that girl.' I'd be like, 'My husband would never,' but now all bets are off," she explained.

Tori and Dean are working to move past the cheating scandal and are trying to fix their marriage and their lives. Much of Tori’s reality show focuses on the affair and the couple rebuilding their relationship.

This has caused many people to question whether or not Emily Goodhand is a real person and if the affair ever really happened. Some believe the scandal was invented to give the reality show a better storyline.

Tori however says that the scandal was very real and very upsetting.

"I wish she didn't exist. I wish it hadn't happened. I don't know who would fake something to have this to happen to your life. My family was, and still is, in complete devastation over this. I wouldn't wish this on anything," she said about the rumors.

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