Emily Blunt Dissed 'Edge of Tomorrow' Co-star Tom Cruise? Yes, She Did!

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Emily Blunt used to feel some kind of way about Tom Cruise!

However, her sentiments were much less than admirable. As a matter of fact, she didn't like him very much.

Back in 2005, the 31-year-old actress reportedly told The Telegraph that she'd much prefer taking low-budget theater jobs for the rest of her life than star "as a spear carrier in a Tom Cruise movie."

The infamous comment was definitely a low-blow to the famed Last Samurai actor. However, the Edge of Tomorrow actress is now insisting that she never said such a thing. "I never said that!" Blunt said when she spoke with The Telegraph again on Sunday, May 25. "What an awful  thing to say."

Although Blunt denied the allegations, the reporter had hard evidence - a copy of the newspaper clip where she was quoted. The reporter made it clear that she actually did make such an "awful" comment. The actress could only burst into laughter, and accept the cold hard facts!

"That is so funny," Blunt said. "Well, at least I'm not a spear carrier," she quipped. The ironic part about the whole debacle is that she and Cruise are now co-stars in the highly anticipated, science fiction film Edge of Tomorrow. In the film, Blunt portrays Rita Vrataski, a futuristic Special Forces soldier who teams up with Major William Cage (Cruise) for a combat mission against aliens.

Surprisingly, Cruise is actually responsible for Blunt securing the starring role. On Tuesday, May 27, Cruise and Blunt sat down for an interview with Access Hollywood to discuss the upcoming film. The 51-year-old actor revealed that he pleaded with the film's director Doug Liman to have Blunt added to the cast for the film.

"I saw her work very early on and her work as an actress, and I just really admired [her]," Cruise said of Blunt. "She's got great taste, as her choices in terms of within scenes, tremendous power on screen," he said. "Right from the very beginning, [I knew] this woman can really act," Cruise doted. "The versatility of  her ability is incredible—from comedy to drama and also romance," he said.  "She's a great leading lady but a character actor. So I've been watching her for a long time."

Edge of Tomorrow hits theaters nationwide Friday, June 6.

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